Friday, November 22, 2013

Society and the Single Girl; Thing I Notice and Tend to Dislike About the Love Patterns of Girls.

Disclaimer: The following blog is about my opinion of relationships, and a rant that I have developed based on what I've seen nowadays. If this offends you, this means one of two things. One, you're a person who gets offended easily, or these things could pertain to you. Then that means that you perhaps need to reevaluate your lifestyle. Thank you and good night. I also want to say that not all people are like this, myself included. I'm just honestly wondering how some people can.

I hate it when girls lower themselves or change themselves for a guy or a boyfriend. I mean isn't the point of relationships to make someone like you for you? It's not like you have to change to be liked. If you did, then that would be no fun. It would be like getting to know this cloned verison of him in a dress. I mean come on. It's not cute when someone agrees with everything that you say just for the sole purpose of them liking you more. To find a connection that you crave, shouldn't you be honest? Just saying. Telling someone that you like to watch or play football when in reality you hate it isn't exactly the coolest thing ever. Plus, there's that whole respect factor. How can someone you love respect you when you're throwing yourself at them? Chances are they probably won't.
I feel like there's no chase anymore. If the cheese isn't hard to get, then the person won't cherise it. I believe that you should treat your significant other like they are a diamond, because they are just that precious to you. If you feel like they are like a CZ...then yeah that's a problem.
I also hate it when girls say that they are in love with their significant other, or when they say they are going to be married one day. Before you all want to have me beheaded, let me explain my reasoning. I don't mean this for a couple that's been going out for months or years. I mean this for the people that are really young and or immature, or have been going out for a couple of weeks. I believe that the love and the person has to kind of mature for it to work. Otherwise, it's just crappy infatuation in which you think that you love someone when you really just want to be in love.
I hate it when girls get mad when their significant other doesn't text them back right away. Okay for starters, phones aren't meant to be glued to their sides. I'm not a huge fan of my cellular device. The only time that I really like to use it is when I talk to my friends who are in the different countries. I tend to ignore people who text me, I'm not even going to lie to you people on that one. When I'm writing, I'm in the  zone. When I'm at school, I'm learning. I'm addicted to my phone, like the rest of society is. However, I don't (unless it's important for me to get in contact with you) yell at people or question their reasoning for not answering their cell phones. We all have lives that are beyond the screen. Girls, please remember that. Don't spam them, because that's just freaking annoying. Then, they will tend not to be attracted to you so much.
Finally, it bothers me when girls completely shelter themselves off with their boyfriend. For example, all they do is go to their house and hang out with them and not going out? Not cool honey. Sometimes, hanging out at the house is fine. However, sometimes you guys need a life that's not sheltered away from each other, such as sitting at home doing God knows what..well I try to make this blog as PG as possible, so...The problem with this is that by doing this you basically become sheltered which is unhealthy. Do something else other than hang out at his house. Like you know, get fresh air?
Seriously, girlfriends nowadays bug me. It's not all about your boyfriend because he usually finds that to be unattractive that your constantly up his ass. Get a job, a hobby, get some friends. He has a life, and so can you. That way, your relationship can be I don't know, healthy!

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