Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Not to Do When You Like A Guy

Okay so like most people I am a compleete and total spaz when it comes to the opposite sex. I have no idea how to flirt, and I'm pretty sure that no guy will ever refer to me as sexy. Which is fine, because I'd rather be classy not sexy. I get so confused, and of course, I refer to online articles to help me. However, I do have some knowledge about the opposite sex, and I am here to tell you what not to do when you like a guy. This has been bought to you by my personal experience, with some comic insights.
1. When you like a guy do not call him dude or bro. Why? I call all of my friends who are guys bro. Those are people who I maintain a platonic relationship with, and plan on continue to. If you would like to avoid the friend zone, then avoid those words. 
2. When you like a guy, don't get too serious too quick. Yes, he may like you. But no need to change your last name on Facebook, or relationship status. That's just creepy. And wierd. 
3. Show him your available but not plaster it on your forehead. The same goes about your interest. Yes, you like him, and he makes you happy but I think that there's no need to text him every single day. Or every single minute. You get the picture. The point is you want to hint that you're available, not wear it on your shirt. This is a way to get him to not be into you. If you see that he's getting interested than amp up the flirting. But until then, just stay subtle.
(Don't do this....)
4. Don't mention your ex. This will make them think that they are still in your life or you still have feelings for him. Which may or may not be true. We get that youtr ex was a douche, but please keep him out of the convo.
5. Don't do da creep. You know what I mean. Don't show up where you know he will be. That my friend is known as stalking. You want to make him happy to see you, not want to call the police when your around.
6. Keep your crush offline. Tweeting lryics and tagging him in them? Kind of creepy for someone whose just a crush.
Basically, keep it classy. I've liked so many guys despite my dismal relationship history. The bottom line is to be a lady, because then you will be treated like one. Plain and simple. We all make mistakes when it comes to relationships, and I am no exception either. But by not doing these things, your chances are higher when it comes to making it actually happen. 
What are your dating tips? Comment below, or contact me through Twitter, or email!
Stay tuned tomorrow for a blog entry about what to do when you like a guy, because all of us wallflowers can use the help! 

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