Friday, November 8, 2013

Not That Girl

It bothers me when girls lower themselves or beg for their boyfriends or significant others. I often lose respect for people like that, because at the end of the day you need to be happy with yourself, before you are unhappy with someone else.  Transferring all of your negative emotions onto someone else can never equal good things. 
Of course, I realize that not everyone is perfect. I believe in imperfect love, versus perfect love. We as humans are not perfect in any way shape or form. Our lines are not always straight, and our actions always bear some sort of consquence. We do things, and we make mistakes. Relationships are as flawed as we are, and we can't change that. 
However, with that being said, there is some things that we as girls can control. You can control being crazy, obsessive, and annoying about your relationship. You can control spamming your boyfriend, begging him to stay, and all of that other bullshit that I see other women do. It's annoying and it's stupid. There are many other things in life than just a boyfriend, or significant other. Get a hobby, learn to knit, or something. 
I am not that girl whatsoever. I don't need a man or anythone for that matter. I don't need someone to tell me what to do. I wouldn't beg for you, nope not at all. Why? Because then someone who is being begged to stay is someone that doesn't want to stay. They shouldn't have to be asked to; they should simply want to. That should be enough. I'm not the girl who sits around and waits for someone to call me. I have a life, and I don't want to live it at the mercy of some guy. I mean, by doing that to some degree than you are giving them some kind of power. Power should be divided equally and power shouldn't be heavily wieghted towards one side or another. I'm not the girl who puts all she has in a boyfriend, because I have a lot of other things and people to put in as well. I have things, my own things, that make me well me. I am not the girl whose going to dump her friends and stuff for a boyfriend. Just because I have a significant other doesn't mean that I have to act like a complete jerk and annoy everyone with it.  Thats not going to be me; if that is than please drop a piano on my head because that's just stupid. 
My biggest fear is to become the crazy girlfriend who is demanding and controlling. I don't want to ever have to expect something from someone. No one should have them. I don't want to yell at someone whose not doing what I want to do, because I don't think that its up to me to tell anyone what to do. I don't want to be the person that begs for her boyfriend's affection. Sure, there are going to be moments when I may want it more than others, but we both can't be around each other 24/7. Thats impossible for both me and him. I don't want that relationship where I'm constantly doubting if he loves me. I shouldn't have to; it should be automatic. I may come with baggage and I may come loaded full on with insecurities, but that doesn't mean I have to take it out on an innocent male. If you doubt the person you're with than perhaps you shouldn't be with them. Don't make an idiot out of yourself, because of this. 
I don't know or understand how girls can do this to someone. Maybe now that they are comfortable with that someone, you can let your guard down, and it may or may not be as shiny as it was. Maybe the girl is insecure with herself, and worried that something is going to happen. Maybe the girl has been hurt countless times before, and worries that it's going to happen to her again. Sometimes, hurt can be a funny thing. 
I demand respect, because it shouldn't be much more complicated than that. If society has become the norm to make girls into crazy for girls. Oh, well I'm hipster girl, because that's not me. I will never ever be that girl. Or woman, since I'm adult. Whatever! 

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