Saturday, November 16, 2013

Society and the Single Girl; Classy vs Trashy

Disclaimer: The following is my opinion based on my opinion  I'm sorry if this comes off to be offensive to anyone. This doesn't refer to anyone individually, rather than my schema based on various shows, books, and other outlets of media. Also the definition of trashy was partially bought to you by Urban Dictionary. 

One thing that bothers me is girls that act....well let's just say that their actions show us that they aren't the classiest individuals on the planet. Their behavior definitely shows that they don't respect themselves, their easy, and well basically it's self explanatory. They aren't exactly the greatest people in the world, because their reputation isn't the greatest. They have the tendency to hook up with any guy around, and a guy don't have to work hard to get, well you know. They drink a lot and they tend to get a little sloppy. In the Urban Dictionary definition, it says it's a person who lack knowledge and purpose in life. They aren't concerned with worldly matters, and academic subjects. They also contribute little or nothing in society, wear too much makeup, and are amused with simple matters such as partying and other useless and mudane things. They tend to dress in a manner that's a revealing and shows just a bit too much. Well, I guess that you all get the picture.
However, on the flip side of the coin, there's the classy individual. Those are the people who respect themselves, and others around them. They are very stylish and elegant, and are just cool. They care more than the simple things about life, such as academic subjects, and other enjoyable passions. They are respected by people because they have viewpoints, and they demand the respect that they eventually earn. They of course don't trust that easily, but they care about others' feelings. When it comes to the opposite sex, they just don't give it to them that easily. They obviously don't hook up with every guy that they meet, and they know that they aren't just a piece of meat.
In our society, there's a blend of both classy and trashy people. Some people aren't just one, because they are elements of both ends of the spectrum in pretty much all of us. Even the classiest of girls can have their trashy moments. However, with them it's moments, and not regular occurrences.
I think trashy people are the ones that have trashy occurrences pretty regularly. That's just my opinion.
Honestly, the trashier ends of the spectrum are the ones that really have nothing going on in their lives. Therefore they compensate by sexual desire, or by getting drunk constantly. Or by constantly partying. I think that's sad because everyone has a special amount of potential, but then they sell themselves short. Everyone has the potential to be great, and sometimes, they don't always measure up to the amount of greatness that they can be. Unfortunately, no one can change someone's outlook and perspective on their life, so they often fall through the cracks.
As a person who I like to think is classy, I think that in some cases this puts a damper on the ones who don't behave like that because then people (particularly straight men) often would want a girl who behaves in that matter. It's sad thing because in a way some guys expect that a girl will easily give themselves up because they are feeling horny. No, not all girls are like that. And no, not all girls will help you cheat on your girlfriend. Some girls would because they are considered trash. But, as a classy single girl, I will forever wonder if I can find a classy mate.
What happened to they days when males would call a girl out, and when they would go to a dinner and dancing or something? I am glad that society has progressed and it's becoming more sociably acceptable to make the first move. However, with the whole aspect of having sex and drinking becoming more and more a common thing in society, it makes me wonder since I don't want to do those things, will I ever find a man that actually respects that?

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