Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Monday: Lady GaGa

It's very rare that artists make a stand for what they truly believe in. It's rare that artists have become more and more obscure, although one can say that in modern day, it has become the norm. However, I think wearing a meat dress sets you far from the rest of the pack. Yes, I'm talking about none other then...Lady Gaga.
From the beginning GaGa was always able to set herself from the rest of the pack. When The Fame came out in 2008, her music was instantly a hit. Four hit singles that became anthems of the decade came from that album.
Then The Fame Monster came out, and things began to get weird. Of course, in my opinion she got better as she matured into the music.
GaGa then came out with the hit album Born This Way. I remember her distinctly coming into the Grammy's in an egg, which I really don't get to this day. However, the song itself was simply amazing. When the album came out, I was once again amazed. It was one of the few albums I actually have bought new, and in the first week of it being out.
Overall, Lady GaGa is an inspiration because she not only makes great music, and is extremely talented, but she is devoted to great causes. She's coming out with her new album this week, and I'm so excited to get it. Therefore, Miss GaGa is this week's Music Monday.
Favorite GaGa Songs:

  • Just Dance
  • Poker Face
  • Love Game
  • Starstruck
  • Applause 
  • Bad Romance
  • Papparatzi
  • Marry the Night
  • Born this Way 
  • Government Hooker
  • Judas
  • Americano
  • Hair
  • Bloody Mary 
  • Black Jesus and Amen Fashion
  • Bad Kids
  • Fashion of His Love
  • Highway Unicorn
  • The Queen 
  • You and I
  • The Edge of Glory 
  • Beautiful Dirty Rich
  • Telephone
  • Monster
  • Speechless
  • Dance in the Dark 
  • Second Time Around
  • Alejandro

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