Thursday, February 20, 2014

How I Spend My Snow Days.

Welcome to New England where the snow is plenty. In case you didn't know, New England has received so much snow in the past week that we've become buried in it. But wanna know the cool thing about snow days? You can do a lot of awesome things that you can't during the other times of the year. Here's how I've been spending my snow days:
Online Shopping: One of the bad parts about the stores being closed is that the online stores are open...and have better deals that the stores do. My faves are Amazon, Etsy, and Kohls.
Drinking Hot Tea: Wanna know what the best part of snow days? The ability to drink hot tea, or hot cocoa. It's perfect because it's so cold, and you have an excuse to drink it because it's warmer.
Shoveling: One of the things that you can't avoid during the winters around our neck of the woods is shoveling. I think I've shoveled so many times this week that I don't feel so terrible about not getting much exercise. Did you know that shoveling burns 288 calories per hour?
Homework: One of the worst parts of going to college and missing classes is making it up doing homework. During all of my snow days, I think that I've done about 7-8 hours of homework. However, some of it was so when I came back I wouldn't be stressed out about it.
Blogging: Since I have so much free time, I've been getting my blogging together and writing tons of entries for future posts!
Beading: One of my favorite hobbies is to make jewelry. Whenever it snows or has a hurricane, I'm always making some awesome pieces. (Pictured below). It's something that I wish that I've had more time for. However, the best part of beading is that whenever I finally get back to school, I have some awesome pieces to wear. And to give to my friends.
                                Bracelets I Made During These Past Few Days! (Not All Are For Me)
What are you favorite snow day activities? Comment below!

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