Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Let's Talk About Love."

It's safe to say that there's different kinds of love. There's infatuation, which can be upright annoying. True love, which is what we all want at the end of the day. In psychology there is a theory called the triangular theory of love which was developed by Robert Sternberg.
In the context of relationships, that means that there's three components of love. The first component of love is intimacy, which is the feeling of attachment, and how connected you are to someone. The second is passion which brings out how we are attracted to someone sexually. The third is commitment, which is the plans that we have with that other person, whether short or long term that we have for that person in mind.
Now, let's take those three components that I just mentioned and place it into another concept. Our everyday relationships. Chances are you love many people in different ways, am I right? Well, here's the different kinds of love, psychology style.
Triangular Theory of Love.svg
  • Nonlove; there's none of the three components mentioned. 
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  • Liking/Friendship; The feeling that you have with friends, and anyone that you are involved in a platonic sense. (Friendzoning someone applies here too)
  • Infatuated Love; This is how romantic relationships are started. This is the "I want you now.." aspect of a relationship. Often, if it's meant to last, as people get closer, than true love will somehow develop. This is more the obsessive aspect of love. This is the aspect of passion, without intimacy, which of course occurs later. 
  • Empty Love; This is the aspect of a loveless marriage; committment with out the intimacy or the passion. Basically you're loving someone with the aspect of using them for some sort of thing. Whether it's money or for the sake of having someone, it's up to you.
  • Romantic Love; A combination of the intimacy and passion aspects. They are drawn together by two things-physical and romantic. However, there's not sort of commitment to them. I guess we can define this as friends with benefits. 
  • Companion Love; It's intimate, and has commitment. It's stronger than friendship, however, there's no sort of passion. One can say that you find this in long marriages when the passion runs out. This also an example of family love. 
  • Fatuous Love; You know those whirlwind relationships or marriages? Yeah this is it. No intimacy here my friends. 
  • Consummate Love; The complete form of love that has all of these components! This is the kind of love that everyone wants out there. These peeps can't imagine themselves in the longterm with anyone else but that said loved one. However, you guys in this love need to express it, or else we can turn this into companion love. This is the dictionary definition of meant to me
There you go, folks. What kind of love are you in? 

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