Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's a Cliche Thing...It May Exist

Sometimes, things can be so cliche and sweet that just looking at them can give you a cavity. You've seen it before, and you've probably encountered them each and every day of your life. Especially with yesterday being Valentine's Day. It was cliche central.
A cliche, for all of you non English majors out there, is something that is so common that it lacks original thought. And in love, we often find that there's several cliches that are often true. They are just extremely overused, and therefore the metaphor becomes dead.
However, what if you meet someone that makes you so weak in the knees, gives you butterflies in your stomach, and makes you feel like you're shiny and new (thank you Madonna)? What if there's someone out there that makes you feel like 'hey I don't mean to be that cliched couple that makes me want to gag and throw things at people'?
Huzzah, there's truth behind the cliche.
Therefore, there's some people that can take the most cynical of cynics and make them believe. The people who once mocked Valentine's Day, love, and relationships, are now on the rooftops singing some crazy love song. There's a lot of hidden truths behind the cliche, and despite the fact that they are overused, they are real in the flesh. There's people out there, for all of us, who make us feel wonderful for the time being, and makes us feel like yes there's some reason to be happy.
At the end of the day, we try to avoid the facts that there's someone out there that converts us into being a believer to all of those things. That in fact, Prince Charming exists. That there's a fairy tale ending planned for someone whose been pretty sure that only exists in the movies.
You just have to find that person to help you believe. 


  1. I don't know why I'm just seeing this (actually I do because I'm really bad about keeping up with my blog friends right now), but I love this! I have become the girl I always used to make fun of. Oops. But who cares? I'm happy now. It's a great feeling. I'm happy for myself, I'm happy for other people.