Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lunch With LC-TGBL

After a few weeks, I am so excited to be rejoining the TGBL (the Girl Between the Lines Linkup) with Haley at A Beautiful Exchange, and Lauren at The Albrects Blog). This week's prompt was so exciting for me, which was what celebratity, blogger, or public figure that you would like to have lunch with. And just like that, a lightbulb clicked off in my head-Lauren Conrad. Check out her website here.

LC or Lauren Conrad was best known for her appearance on the hit reality shows Laguna Beach, and the Hills. Since then, she's developed two fashion lines (one of which I own pretty much every piece of clothing in), written bestselling novels, (I've read the LA Candy ones, they are so good), and developed a successful website. She's now engaged to William Tell. I guess you can even consider her to be a blogger because she has a blog on her website.
Lauren Conrad is hands down my favorite celebratity. I consider her to be one of my role models, because she's a very classy person. Unlike her co-stars (ahem Spedi), she's not out to get money and fame. She's very laid back, and her style is very chic. I love how simple and classy she dresses, and I sometimes look to her when I'm having fashion brain freezes. I watched the Hills, and Laguna Beach, and she's always going to be my favorite. I especially respect her for leaving the drama of The Hills behind, because it takes guts to do that. 
I would love to have have lunch with Lauren because other than the fact that I really want to meet her, I think that I can learn a lot from her. She has the best advice, so I would listen to her wisdom developed from her experiences. I would also ask her for her autograph.. #sorrynotsorry.
What celebraties would you like to meet? Comment below!
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  1. Ahhh, LC! I miss her!! Do you know if she's still friends with Lo? I love how she seems to be one of the most down to earth of that crew!

    1. She is and I dunno lol I'm about to google it