Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Let it Go, Let it Go"

I believe that the most toxic thing in the world is to hold onto someone or something that hurt you years ago into the present day. I think that's important because otherwise it bleeds into your present day well-being and relationships.
Yes someone hurt you. They broke your heart, stomped on it, and as you attempt to pick up the pieces, they just stand there and laugh. They are the reason why you developed those giant walls that Humpty Dumpty would die falling off of. They are the reason why you won't stick your head out of the bushes and join the party.
But, hello. Newsflash. There's a thousand and one idiots out there who break heart so well that they can do it for a living. It's nothing to them. They are everywhere, from high school cafeteria, school campuses, and street corners. However, we have to realize that  there's more to a relationships than just the professional heart-breaker.
So, that's when we learn to let it go. Let the pain that we once felt live in one place-the past. That's where it belongs. By holding onto it, you are letting it affect your present. You're also doing one thing. You're letting them win. Yeah, you don't want to do that. So, let it go like a bunch of balloons that are bunched up and tied together, headed for the sky. Be happy, because you deserve to be. The fact that you've suffered heartbreak is the proof that you deserve it more than you think.
So my take home message? Someone broke your heart yes. But don't let them affect you now when they are already on to the next one. Chances are they may or may not be a professional heartbreak like the jerk that broke your heart. 


  1. I love this. You can't carry the blame from past relationships into current ones or it will get you no where!