Sunday, February 2, 2014

Music Monday [Special Sunday Edition]-Superbowl Playlist

Hey so it's the Superbowl. Let me tell you that I'm not going to be the one cheering on the teams to victory. I'm more of eating all of the munchies that I can stuff my face with, in addition to the commercials and the half time show. However, I think that part of every game being a former athlete needs to have some awesome music to motivate you. So, here's some of my former favorites to help me get motivated, and to quote High School Musical, to get my head in the game. Also, some of these songs were not made during my badminton days, but oh well;

Dirty Deeds, Back in Black, and Highway to Hell by AC/DC
Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy
I Love It by Icona Pop
Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga
We Will Rock You by Queen (Cause come on no sporting event is complete with out this song.)

What's on your superbowl playlist? Comment below?


  1. I suck at music. I love anything Switchfoot. If it's Switchfoot, it's all good with me! Haha.