Monday, April 7, 2014

Favorite TV Characters...Ever.

Part of the thing that makes a television show so great is the characters that are a part of the story. How many of your #mancrushmondays, or your #womancrushwednesdays are a fictional television character? They make the show ten times better because without them the show would be boring. With out further a due ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my favorite television shows ever.
This one's for Jamie.
Schmidt: Schmidt has to be one of my favorite television characters. He's a douchebag, for lack of better terms. But underneath it all, he's one of the sweetest guys. He has the best intentions, although they don't always go as executed. He's hilarious, and he's always doing something comical. Therefore, he's always going to be one of my favorite characters. Plus, I've now come to terms with saying "Oh schimdt all of the time."

Frank Barone: One of my favorite shows as a kid is the comedy Everybody Loves Ray. Frank was one of my favorites, because he's not afraid to say what's on his mind. It's really hilarious how blunt he can be. He's always able to make me laugh. Plus, deep down he's that grandpa who always cares about his grandchildren.

Jess Day; One of my three television role models, Jess Day is quirky, not afraid to be a bit geeky, and everyone can relate to that. Myself included.

Carrie Bradshaw; Carrie Bradshaw was the original blogger, lemme say that. She's my favorite television character ever, because she's always looking for love. Even though sometimes she doesn't succeed, she still looks for it, and her writing is so honest and fresh. She's a role model to everyone, myself included. Plus she's on not one but two television shows. Pretty cool, huh?

Lorelei Gilmore: Lorelei is perhaps my favorite characters ever. She's very into coffee, she talks fast, and is very spunky. She's very independent, and she doesn't need the help of anyone. I like that most about her. I often quote Lorelei, because I look up to her.

Sheldon Cooper; Sheldon Cooper is so blunt, and he in my opinion is what's making the Big Bang Theory. He's so geeky and awkward and it's great. My favorite Sheldon moment is when he was trying to get his learner's permit and he ended up harassing the lady at the DMV. I wish getting my permit was that easy.

Sophia Petrillo: Sophia is my favorite character because she simply doesn't care what she says to people and how she affects them. She's not afraid to call Rose 'stupid', and Blanche a 'slut'. She's fearless, and she's what I want to be when she's my age.

Whose your favorite television show character? 


  1. These are fantastic! I like Lorelei and Sarah Jessica Parker, aw heck, I like all of these and your reasoning too! Thanks for sharing.