Thursday, April 10, 2014

#TBT "Let's Hear it"

The following is a poem I've written about some of my friends! All work and photographs are my own. 

Let’s sit on a silver metal table,
Where pop music plays from the speakers above us.
Cary Rae Jepson asks some boy to call her maybe,
One Direction says that you don’t know you’re beautiful.
We’re eating Fro Yo from pink and yellow cups.
In between bites,
We share advice about boys, and life.
I noticed that her accent is slowly becoming American.
He picks me up in his tic-tac green mini van.
His hair is purple, and he’s wearing funky sunglasses.
Nirvana’s blasting from the radio,
He’s slowly growing to like grunge.
We pick up his little sister,
Who is slowly becoming like my own.
Where does this road to nowhere lead to?
It leads to Starbucks,
“NQ I need my coffee”, he said.
It leads to parks,
“NQ, I want to go somewhere pretty”, he said, his eyes begging like a puppy.
And it leads to long scenic walks in random places.
“NQ, let’s go for a walk”, he says jumping up and down.
Yes, he had too much coffee.
On those walks,
We talk about life, the future, and just about everything else.
When he ditches the green backpack,
 And escapes the crowded hallways of high school,
He’s a different person.
The adventurous person in front of me is
Totally different then the quiet person who always has his nose in a book.
Whether it was exploring the unknown,
Discovering the river,
Or when he puts me his back, as if I weighed as much as that backpack.
During that time,
The summer between my senior year of high school,
And my freshman year in college
You would listen to me,
Even when I think no one else was.
“Go team!” we’d cheer from the sidelines.
We’d talk about that hot guy in my math class,
And the guy in your EDU class.
Bobcats win!
Peca scored the winning goal!
Boomer the Bobcat dances all around to the music that the pep band plays,
Blue and gold pride,
Bobcats won yet again!
Let’s hear it for the good times,
When I would eat fro yo, with Alessia whose now back in Italy.
When I would drive around aimlessly with Gabriel, whose now in Saint Paul.
When I went to QU with Elisia whose now at QU.
When I would walk the Canal Trail with Griffin, who doesn’t know where he’s going .


  1. Really nice poem. I like the way you tied in the cultures and wrapped it together in the end.