Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spotlight on Fake Pregnancy Clinics

If you have sex, you get pregnant and die.
You've all seen Mean Girls, right? Who can remember this blockbuster Kodak moment in the movie. However, as we all know that isn't exactly true. But, there's some institutions that promote the thinking of this said Mean Girls quote of wondering what would happen when you get pregnant. Those institutions, rather than promote pro-choice, promote pro-life, which is basically your average ordinary should there be a choice on whether or not a woman could decide to abort the baby. These clinics are called fake pregnancy clinics.
The whole abortion thing is a tricky issue. I do however believe that for the most part, the woman should have the choice to abort a pregnancy if she chooses to do so. Since we live in a country that promotes freedom of speech, religion, press, and other fun stuff, I think that we have the freedom to do whatever the hell we want when it comes to our bodies. Some however disagree. Some think that pro-life should be more important because they are viewing this as being murder even though the life has yet to enter the world.
My friend introduced the topic to me earlier on, and I decided to do research on the fake pregnancy clinics. These clinics basically talks people into keeping their babies, and having them. These types of clinics offer very little choices in what options are available, and even go as far as not sharing the options that teens have.
So why are they open?
According to the first amendment, we have the rights of freedom of speech, press, religon, and the rights to assemble. Therefore, these people by the rights of the first amendmant are able to say these things those who are in fact pregnant. However, I think that these centers are wrong. Despite what your beliefs are, I think that this is wrong. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion to these sorts of issues. However, with that being said you can't only tell someone that their only option is. As a pregnancy clinic you have to share whatever options are avaliable for them. Whether or not it goes against your beliefs or not than it's your probelm not theirs. If they have an abortion, then they should be able to get one. If you are unable to give them one, or perform the action than maybe you should look into a career that doesn't require you to be as open minded. 
No matter what you believe, I think that it's important to be informed about the options that you have. I think that it's wrong to recieve information that isn't untrue, and you aren't offered the information that you are entitled in having. If you don't feel ready to be a mother, than its a choice that only the person carrying the child has to make. It's a hard choice to make, but these types of situations  are rather tough. We have to be openminded, and be able to not judge, because we are not in these women's shoes. 
Although the reasoning of these clinics aren't clear, one thing in my opinion is-they are wrong, more or less.  


  1. This is great, Natalie! It is very true that it is important for people to be informed of all of their options, and it is awful that fake clinics, sometimes known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), keep women in the dark.

    1. Thank you, Bethany! I couldn't agree more!