Friday, April 25, 2014

Fictional Friday-The Claddaugh

The Claddaugh
Tiny little silver hands hold a silver heart that's as cold as you.
It's crown points away from you, signaling that I am looking for love.
If it points at you, it means I'm yours.
You only had one job.

You were supposed to make the crown point to your heart.
But you didn't, so the crown points towards me.
It reminds me that you and I were never in sync.
Friendship means the crown, but my heart wanted you.
We were the crown, and not the heart.

I should have saw the signs,
I should have took friends, as just friends.
You didn't string me along; you were being honest.
Only I was too deaf to listen.
You're not going to find me and tell me I'm the one.
Stupid romantic comedies have clouded my hearing.

The crown points towards me,
Reminding me that I'm looking for love.
With someone who will turn the crown to face him,
reminding me that I am in fact royality.

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