Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Never Thought I'd...

*This was a lovely idea from the lovely Hannah  and Sam!
I honestly never imagine my life being the way that it is now. But, then again, who has? Sam did this lovely post a few days back, and I wanted to do my own spin on it. So, here's my 'I never thought I'd..."

  • I never thought that I'd be almost twenty and still not have my license. I always planned to be like Mary Kate and Ashley and got a car for my 16th birthday. Let me tell you, that didn't happen. I'm just learning how to drive, and I plan to go for my license this upcoming summer. Hopefully. 
  • I never thought that I would be majoring in liberal studies. In high school, I didn't even know what liberal arts were, so needless to say I didn't know much about my current major. Now, I love my major, even though when I was in high school I wish that I knew that I wanted to be a journalist so I could have actually majored in that. 
  • I never thought that I would be single at my age. I always assumed that I would have met Mr. Right by now, or at least have a boyfriend. I never thought that I would be single, but I really never thought that I would love being single. I don't regret any of my decisions in the past, because I know that in some ways when it's meant to be it will happen for me. Although sometimes, I wonder if it ever will happen. (Hmm, a future post, maybe?)
  • I never thought that I would go to a school that I commute to. I never gave much thought to college, and I'm surprised that I ended up where I did. Sometimes, I feel like I'm missing out on the college experience, but I do realize that it's what you make of it. And, I love college!
What are some things that you never thought you would? Comment below!

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