Monday, April 21, 2014

#inspirationmovement-think +

One of the reasons why I started this #inspirationmovement is because I think that it's easier to focus on the bad things about ourselves instead of the good. I want this feature to inspire those who are having a bad day, and remember that it's not a bad life, just a bad day. The goal of my linkup is to encourage people into thinking that their awesome no matter what hats that they wear. 
It's Monday. Time to wake up and go back to school, work, or whatever it is that you do on Mondays. Mondays are often the most stressful days of the week for me. However, I have to remember that there are positive things about me. Here's what I like about me.

  • I am a good writer. No matter how many people tell me I'm not, I think that I am. One thing that I always will love to do is write. And wanna know the crazy thing? I'm going to make a career out of it! Some feel that when they are getting posts ripped apart that makes them feel like a bad writer, and I couldn't disagree more! I think that by learning from your mistakes means that you're able to grow to a better writer. I do a lot of writing, for my classes, for the blog, and for the paper, and I really don't care. I absolutely love it, and I love that I can express myself in a way that's creative and outside the box!
  • I am creative. I really love being creative because that means I can look at things differently. Other than writing, I draw, play the flute, sing, do ceramics, and make jewelry. I think that it's a good quality because then creative people use more of their brain than non creative peeps. (Is this a thing, cause my elementary school music teacher said if I'm wrong let's blame her.) One of the best things about this is that I have healthy ways of expressing myself than harming myself or doing things to bring me down.
(Some friends!)
  • I'd hate to toot my own horn....but I'm a really good friend. I try to treat my friends like the friend that I want to have. When their sad, I try to listen. When they need a pencil, I'll give them one. I try to follow the golden rule, because if I care about my friends my main goal in life is to be happy. My friends are the people who I lean on, and I try to treat them as awesome as possible. 
(my superawesome dog)
  • I love dogs. My dog's my best friend. End of story. 
  • I am smart. Even though sometimes, I feel like I am not I am. I read a ton of books, and almost made it into an honor's college. I think that's pretty good. I also think that grades are something that measures our intelligence in a negative manner, similar to the SAT. Just cause someone got a C doesn't mean that they aren't smart awesome people. End of story.
  • I work hard. Whether it's at school, or at my library I try my best to work my hardest on everything that I do. And that's a fact.
What are the positive things that you like about you? Comment below, or join the linkup with non other than my girl Emma from The World According to Emma! We love you to join! And then please feel free to make some new and super awesome bloggy friends and comment! They are the best because comments make my day. 

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