Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why Cookies Are The Best Things Ever

(Tumblr; Jess Day you got it going on.)
If you all don't know about this, cookies are my favorite food in all of the land. Cookies, in my opinion, are the best things ever. Here's some reasons why cookies are the best foods ever;

  • They always make me happy. I can never not be happy when I'm not eating a cookie. So whenever I'm having a bad day, I'm sure to hit the cookie jar.Or where ever the cookies are at. I have  a personal belief that you can never be sad while eating cookies. Therefore, when I'm sad a cookie can cheer me up.
A happy cookie. (Source)
  • There are so many different kinds. Cookies are so versatile. Whether they are chocolate chip, chocolate covered, or just plain old chocolate cookies have a lot of things that can be put in. My personal favorites are chocolate chips and Oreos. What's yours?
  • They are the ultimate reward. Cookies are the ultimate reward when you're surrounded by books. Therefore, when you have a lot of homework, when it's done you can reward yourself with a cookie. It's the best reward, because hey you have cookies and when you're done with your homework. It's a win-win situation. 
Overall, cookies are a metaphor for what makes me happy. At the end of the day, you need something in your life to make you happy. Whether it's a cookie, or something else, it's something that makes life a little bit better.  What is your cookie?


  1. My favorites are always those homemade. Enjoy your happiness.