Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Momma Says

One of the things that my mother is the person that I least want to talk about relationships with. I rarely do, unless I have to tell her that I'm going somewhere,and who I am going with.
The reason why, isn't because my mother is some awful person. It's because she sometimes has the mantra of just not caring and seeing into the future. Maybe it's because she's divorced. But, whenever I talk about my friends' fear in relationships she says "Why are they looking into so deep into the future? They are young, therefore they should be focusing on what they want to do in the here and now." She's very blunt, and although I love my mom, it's sometimes really hard to talk to her. Therefore, she's not the best person to ask for advice.
However, I got to thinking about that statement. That is in some ways, logical. We do only live once. Sometimes though, we can't brush ourselves off as easily as we want to think that we can't. Sometimes, the effects of relationships mean more to us than the actual relationship did. When we finally get over the relationships, or even the ones we secretly loved for years, we don't want that to happen to us ever again. So, we shut ourselves off, and then we question that person who does genuinely thinks we're cute.
My mom went through a harsh divorce, thus making her judgement clouded about relationships. When I'm upset about something in the love department, she is the last one that I want to talk to because she's always saying "you'll get over it." In my adolescent psychology book, however, there's something about how to handle a breakup with a teenager. And, that's not it.
But, there's something to be said of the things that my mother says. Since she's been around 33 years longer than I have, she does kind of sort of maybe knows what she's talking about. So, I do take my mother's advice with a grain of salt. The one thing, perhaps is the big thing is this lovely words of advice: this too shall pass. 

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