Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Terrible Twos

Once upon a time, in a high school hallway, there were a cast of characters, all with pseydums. There was Charlotte York, my best friend at the time, who was optimisic about love. The way that the show protrays Charlotte. There was Mr. Big, who was the crush that I had that always left me thinking. Then there was countless others, who I can't remember. All were there on Notations. At that time, I claimed that I knew everything, despite the fact that I knew nothing. Let's face it every 16 year old thinks that they know everything about everything on the face on the earth. But, let's be real here. I am almost done with my teenage years and I can barely tell you what I want for dinner tonight.
Two years ago, I started this blog in search for something. For happiness, for inner peace, for who knows what. Ever since then, I am so pleased to watch my little flower bloom. My writing has improved. I've grown to have a bigger part of the blogger community, and have over ten thousand views. I've made some blogging friends, both real and virtual. But most of all, I am able to have a space of my own to write. I have features, and only hope that they get bigger and better as time goes on. I hope that you all stick with me, because you all are apart of this. 
So, I thank all of you for reading. Thank you to my fellow bloggers. Thank you to my Facebook fans, because I know that you enjoy getting notifications. Thank you to my friends who get emails pretty much daily, and not want to kill me. Thank you for actually reading this, which makes me so happy. This is something that I am so exited to say, and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you guys!
Happy birthday blog! Here's to two more years of insightful blog entries. Or more. I hope to write more. I kind of wish that I could give the blog a presen, but instead I'll buy myself one. Sounds good? I think so. 
Happy birthday to Finding My Voice! Let's make two not so terrible!
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