Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blurred Lines

There's something about relationships that are left to be undefined. Friends, boyfriends, and people in between. In one instance, you're with someone who you really like, who makes you happy, and they seem to like you in the way that you want them to like you. In the next, you're just a buddy only you're a bit more polished then the friends.
Ladies and gentleman, that's what we call the friend zone. And, it sucks.
I've been always too scared to make a move on guys that I'm interested in because I'm just afraid of being rejected. However, that's worse because then you are just leaving this gray area instead of being in the black 'girlfriend' zone, and the white 'friend' zone. I wrote a guy a letter once, just because the words I like you just couldn't come out. Of course, what happened afterwards is a different story.
I'm in that in between moment and it sucks because I want to be with someone who makes me happy. Nobody likes to be rejected, and nobody likes to be friend zoned. Sometimes, I think love and taking risks is a part of life. You have to rip off the bandaid, and it's going to sting like a bitch. But, then it's better than having a Snoopy bandaid hanging off of your leg for the rest of your life. (Yes, I have Snoopy bandaids)
Being rejected is something that we all have to face. Outside of love, we get rejected by schools, jobs that we think that we are perfect for, and even people who we once thought that were awesome now toss us aside like we mean nothing to them. Rejection is everywhere in this world, even though it hurts and even though we wish that it didn't exist.
As much as we wish that it doesn't exist, there's the whole concept of everything happening for a reason. After the pain, and after the endless amounts of wondering why this happened to you, we realize that there's some higher reasoning for this. We love, we get hurt, and then we move onto bigger and better things. Whether we are the ones getting the rejection, or doing it ourselves there's a reasoning that is beyond our understanding. The best thing that we can do is try to shake off all of our fears and try to do something about what we want. So, go ask that person out, talk to the pretty girl or boy, and just go for what's holding you back. If it's not going to turn out okay, then it's absolutely not the end of the world.

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