Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Somewhat Different Path

For those of you who have stayed tune for my blog throughout the years, it is no secret that I have changed my major a bunch of times. I first switched to a psychology and english double major. Let me tell you what did not happen. Then, I went to just English which really didn't work because I wanted to focus more on writing. So then I took up Liberal Studies, which gave me the opportunity to have concentrations in English (creative writing) and journalism. Then, when interviewing a person for a story for my basics of journalism class she suggested meeting with her to discuss my future.
Upon meeting with her I had learned that if I had taken one to two classes then originally planned than I would be able to be a journalism major. By switching my major to journalism, I would have more chances of getting in my dream school-Columbia. However, I was still reluctent because I didn't want to change my major so late in the game. (Even though she said that I could still graduate on time)So, I consulted my friends about what they thought about what I should do. 
After consulting with several people, I have decided to switch. I am still currently feeling the aftermaths of the decision, such as realizing that I have to take one summer class this summer. But, other than that, I look foreward to taking more classes for something I really love. I'll still be minoring in creative writing, which is still good. 
So, I hope that this major lasts. (just kidding it would.) Have you ever switched your major? Telll me about it in the comments below.

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