Thursday, October 30, 2014


True life, I am addicted to Instagram. Like seriously addicted to it. I can not go a day without posting something, because well let's face it, it's a fun way to spend the time. I even bought apps to enhance my photo-making experience. Let's take a look about how Instagram has impacted my day to day life.
"Let's take pictures of food before we eat it!"Before I got an Instagram, I would have thought that taking pictures of my plate was silly. It still is, but I do it anyways. And I get somewhat good amount of likes on my lattes, and other baked goods. It's obnoxious, yet I really don't care.
Hot chocolate from a  while ago.
I baked cookies once and it was lovely. 

"But first, selfie." Ah, yes selfies. Who doesn't take them? It has kind of taken over, has it not? Whenever you get a new hairstyle, or feel pretty, what do you do? Take a selfie! Or, is your friend back in town? You take a selfie! Selfies are something that you do alone, or with a friend. However, it's not going away for a long time.
Gabriel and I! 

I sometimes take selfies by myself.
Griffin and I at the beach! 
Elisia and I at a sporting event.

"Nature photos to make me look artistic!"Who hasn't taken a walk around a pretty neighborhood, or gone to the beach without taking a picture of something? I haven't. #sorrynotsorry
On a photoshoot with Verenized back in May.

"#throwbackthursday" Remember Prom? Or when you had blond hair? Or that time that you graduated high school, that was like three years ago. Sometimes, you take awesome pictures and they just need to be bought to the surface..on Thursdays nonetheless.
Griffin and I were the best at prom. 

Oh yeah, I also graduated high school. 

I also had a graduation party. This is Gabriel and Griffin playing with my point and shoot camera.
"Showing off something that I bought because I'm obnoxious and I want to show stuff off" Whenever I buy something new, whether it's a book or a bracelet, it ends up on Instagram. Cause, I want to show off the pretty things that I shouldn't be buying because I should actually save my paycheck for things like getting a car. However, I saw this pretty bracelet, so therefore I shall buy it and share with you all so you can be jealous of the things that I buy.
CDs are better than MP3 because then you can post them on Insta.
Juicy was once an outlet before going to Kohls.
Can't live with Instagram, can't live with out it. However, if you have one you should follow me so therefore you can see those you do it for the gram?

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