Monday, October 20, 2014

I Believe...

*This post was inspired by the Audrey Heburn quote below. It made me think about what I believed in)

I believe in second chances, even though half of the time many people don't deserve them.
I believe that tomorrow is always a better day.
I believe that you should be the one that writes your own rules, not society writing the rules for you.
I believe that you should put yourself first, because you'll never have to worry about you falling out of love with yourself.
I believe in treating yourself to cupcakes when you're sad.
I believe that diamonds are truly a girl's best friend.
I believe that happiness is something that differs from person to person.
I believe in listening to others opinion before doing what you want.
I believe that you shouldn't spring bad news onto someone before they have a cup of coffee.
I believe that you should follow your heart.
I believe that you're the bright lightbulb that can change tomorrow.
I believe that you should love yourself.
I believe that you should find love in someone else after you fall in love with yourself.

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