Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Manicure In A Bottle..

Welcome to the new Things I Love Tuesday, which has been revamped to the Things I Love Tuesdays! I am so excited for this new feature, as well as to introduce you to a new favorite product of mine! 

I like having painted nails more than anything. However, I don't like having the nail polish chip. Or having the nail polish take forever to dry. I've tried everything under the sun, from the nail strips that Sally Hansen puts out, to fast drying nail polish. However, it seemed like I couldn't have one without the other, which made it really annoying to paint my nails without making a giant mess out of everything.
Sally Hansen has heard my prayers. They recently came out with this nail polish line called Complete Salon Manicure. Although it's a bit more pricier than the other nail polishes that Sally Hansen offers, it was well worth it. (If you have a CVS card, then you might get Extra Care bucks towards it. That's what I did, and combined with a coupon, I paid virtually nothing.) I got the Kook A Mango color, which was a mix between red and pink. I have a thing about red nail polish, and it's constantly a go to when I paint my nails. 
I liked the nail polish because it dried quickly, and it dried kind of like a UV polish did. The product claims to have a top and bottom coat, which I did notice how shiny my nails were, and loved!I liked the color too, because red nail polish is a classic. Overall, it's a manicure in a bottle. But, even though it's a bit more expensive then I would like to be, I would totally buy more in this line. With the ExtraCare coupons, of course. 
So, if you're looking for a few new polishes, I suggest giving the Complete Manicure collection a try. I know that I would be going back for more!

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