Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Blame Carrie Bradshaw

I have a thing for initial jewelry. Something about having something made just for you makes me so excited because my necklace is unique. Personally, I blame Carrie Brashaw with her name 'Carrie' necklace which is extremely popular for all of you Sex and the City fans, myself included. I've always wanted a "Natalie" necklace, but since I didn't want to spend all of the money towards it, always was hesitant. I had always wanted an intial necklace, but the only one I liked was the Dogeared one, which was way out of my budget, and I could never find my intial at TJ Maxx.
However, when I saw this necklace at Fifth & Mae I knew that I had  to have it. It was small, dainty, and pretty. So, I took a plunge and bought it. And I'm so glad that I did.
Fifth and Mae, for those of you who don't know, is a site that sells high quality jewelry for low prices. I like the latter part, because I'm a broke college student. So, being the jewelry freak that I am I decided to treat myself and buy their initial necklace.
The necklace comes in gold, rosetone, and silver. I chose silver because I am a silver kind of gal. I got my order about a week after ordering, which was expected because intials tend to take a longer time to ship. 
I am so impressed with the quality of the necklace and blown away with how pretty is. When I unwrapped it I literally fell in love with it and put it on right away. And of course, I felt like Carrie Bradshaw. 
The bottom line? Fifth & Mae is great because its affordable and wonderful. I am definately coming back for a pair of cute earrings and the be brave bracelet. So, for all of you college gals looking for some shiny new baubles for less, give Fifth & Mae a try. 

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  1. It is cute! I was always too old for the name necklace, but if I were younger, I would rock my Kelly necklace. Enjoy it.

    PS--Still love Carrie Bradshaw. <3