Friday, October 17, 2014

Society and the Single Girl: Can a Commuter Date a Resident?

Where I go to school the majority of the people commute. As for the people who actually do live on campus, many of them go home for the weekend. As a commuter, my experiences differ than my friend who live there. I don't have a meal plan so I don't have to eat the same things day in and day out, which without a doubt can be very boring and repetitive. I also don't have to eat at a certain time, which is very freeing because well who likes to be told that you have to eat something by a certain time, or else you're screwed and can't eat.
Obviously, I like being a commuter because it's cheaper, and it fits for my needs. Others commute then become residents and vice versa. Honestly, college is to each their own. But, can someone who commutes be in a relationship with someone who lives on campus?
I honestly think that they can. Many people don't agree with me. 
Being a commuter student and a resident student are completely different things. Being a resident student means that you're probably more involved on your campus and have a lot more freedom than someone who still lives at home. Can that be a reason not to date someone who lives on campus if they commute?
Well, yeah. Relationship are usually a case by case basis. I know someone who lives about an hour away from her boyfriend. She lives in a dorm, while he lives at home. So far, they make it work. However, I do know couples that were together and one would live on campus and one at home, and then spilt up. It depends on this little thing called fate. 
Personally, I wouldn't mind dating someone who lived on campus, whether it's my own or not. Relationships need space, and sometimes college relationships can be suffocating because since you're on the same campus and living together, you are constantly together. That's not healthy. Being in a relationship on separate campuses kind of gives you the push to give you space that you as a couple need.
What breaks up many relationships is the whole trust factor. But, if you don't have trust you have no relationship. So, I'll leave you with this little grain of thought. It doesn't matter if you're living down the street, across town, or even in the next state. I think that if you're into them, you should go for it. If you're a commuter, or a resident. Whether or not you live at school should not be a factor of you deciding the relationship is worth it or not. 
Should a commuter date a resident? What do you think? Let me know!

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