Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Relationships, On Social Media

Relationships are an important aspect to life. After all, I've spent my entire blogging career complaining about my lack of one. I've explored concepts, both familiar and foreign to me. Breakups, my complaints about people that are actually in relationships and of course wondering if I will die alone are a few things that have crossed my mind over the past four years. However, I have not discussed relationships and social media.
Social media is the place where you go to tell people about your life. Some people however use it a bit too far. People tend to vent about their lives, or brag about it. How many people have seen the whole engagement ring/baby season? Well, I am happy for the parties that are involved but at the same time, I've become like okay, please shut up and go away. I have yet to figure out what I'm doing over winter break. 
I mean I'm happy for those people and all, but I really don't like to see it on my social media news feeds.
I think that social media and relationships are like recipes. You have to do things right, or else things turn into a big mess. So, posting a cute picture every now and then is a good thing. However, by basically make everything that you post about your boyfriend, I don't care how much that you love him, it's downright annoying. You should probably consider getting a life, a pet, or reading a book. That way you won't feel so compelled to write everything about your boyfriend.
This post is turning into a rant, so let me just say this. Social media has affected us in a lot of ways. Many of us feel weird if we're not on Facebook to see what's going on with that person we were sorta best friends with our freshman years in high school. Sorry, but you don't need to check that.
I believe that when done right, posting about your relationship is okay. However, when you over do it then I'm not going to want to talk to you.
That's all. 


  1. I completely agree. Some things become a bit too excessive. I think I posted one picture of my engagement ring and left it at that. Same with our wedding day. It may have been a total of two pictures and then my family took over from there. I'm childless, but I can tell you that more than half of my news feed makes it look like I'm friends with babies and not parents. I feel the need to keep some things in my life in MY life and not shared with the whole world. I'm with you on this!

  2. Totally agree. I don't mind an occassional picture but a status every time your significant other does something nice is annoying, and makes me think that s/he isn't actually that great. Facebook makes relationships seem so fake to me. But I hate it more when people complain about their relationships on social media. Instead of airing your drama, talk to your partner and figure it out yourself.