Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus?

Have you ever heard the phrase that men are from mars, and women are from Venus? Gender is something that is a crazy line that continues to be blurred. We don't know much about the world of dating, or relationships. Or, at least I can't speak for myself when I say that. I get so confused when it comes to dating and trying to figure out the way that the opposite sex reacts. There seems to be a formula when it comes to dating--in order to attract a mate you have to follow this protocol. You have to wear a certain thing to become attractive. The guys fight to woo women with fancy dinners, and basically try to one up the other when it comes to getting the girl.
 In our culture, this is why what society calls 'geeks' or 'nerds' often have trouble getting the girl. The alpha, or the football player in our high school reference, are the ones surrounded by the many girls and often are the better looking. The same goes with the girls, with the high school cheerleader always getting the guys and the wallflower wondering when will be her time to shine. The bottom of the food chain in high school are often the ones ignored, no matter what gender they are. It's a popular topic for modern teen movies. 
Even though we behave the same whether we are either in the top, bottom, or middle of the foodchain we still are baffled by the opposite sex. And I wonder why that is. We pretty much work the same. We have beating hearts, air that circulates through our lungs, and see the same world for the most part. But, men are a mystery to me. It's no Nancy Drew novel, but I am still baffled about the mechanisms of  how the men's inner part of their brain work. But why are they so difficult?
Well, its safe to say that I don't have the answer to this, despite my education in modern magazines. There's always a section in Cosmo and in Seventeen about love and relationships. How can you get this person to like you? How can you seal the deal and become someone's girlfriend? It's like they have the secret formula to getting this, and we the consumer who wants it more than anything so we'll line up to get it like the new iPhone. Are we that different, though? 
Well men and women tend to percieve things differently. Women tend to want men that will come up to them as they are a damsel in distress with a white horse. Men want something different, but I'm not exactly sure what that is. But, the one thing that we all have no matter what gender we are (even if you are gender-queer; I haven't forgotton about you) the complete and utter confusion about the opposite sex still remains. Every high school melodrama and teenage angst pretty much has to do with it. Do they like me? Do they not like me?
So, are men from Mars? Are women from Venus? We may be coming from two separate planets, but we unite on the one thing--the complete and utter confusion of trying to figure out if someone likes you. In the mean time while you look for an answer if someone likes you, I'll be combing through the latest issue of Seventeen.
That's all folks..

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