Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Books I HAVE To Read This Summer

Reading lots of books in a summer is something that is just a given. Something about having all of this extra free time makes it so much easier to crack open a book. Here's some of my must-reads this summer:

Game of Thrones Series- The fact that my library had the first one made me really happy because I really want to read the series that everyone seems to be reading, and watching on TV. I'm currently on the first one, and I like what I see so far. I'm probably going to get the new few soon, because they are really good.

Pretty Little Liars-I read the first two last fall, and I literally couldn't put them down. I'm probably going to have to order books three and four to hold me down because once I start reading Pretty Little Liars, I literally can not stop. I've also recently gotten into the TV show too, and so far so good.

The One and Only- Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors ever, so naturally when a new book of hers comes out, I get very excited to read it.

Looking for Alaska- This is the last John Green book that I have yet to read, so naturally this is going to be on my list.

What's on your summer reading list? Comment below, because I love talking about books!


  1. I'm reading the This Man series this summer. And then I plan to go through my To-Read list and choose some that have been on there awhile.... so they aren't neglected forever lol.