Friday, May 30, 2014

We Found Love..

About this piece- One of my goals this summer is to write a piece or two for my blog in AP format. AP format is short for Associated Press style, which is geared towards writing in a manner that's clear and concise.  In my efforts to prepare for my classes in journalism this upcoming fall, I wanted to practice so I can become more familiar with it. The following is my attempt at this style. 

Sometimes, people pressure us to do things. Whether it's drugs, drinking, or just to move a bit faster in a relationship, everyone at one point or another has felt the pressure of someone telling you that you should do something for the reason that they said so. Time and time again, I found that many people say things such as you can do better than him, in the efforts to keep you from making the same mistakes. For example, your mom tells you not to date someone because they may or may not break your heart. This could be a reflection on the fact that she herself could have wished that she had gone down the path with that person instead of the person that she choose. Therefore, she's trying to prevent you from making that mistake.
However, we are not our parents, grandparents, and friends. We are ourselves. Many people often have the one that got away. Look at movie titles such as 'Titanic,' or 'The Notebook.' Each of those titles have had an elderly person or couple reflecting on those that they lost.
With that being said, there's 1 common thing that lies in all of those movies, and that is the fact that there's a deep pang of regret for not following his, her, or their heart. Not following your heart can undoubtedly lead to a sea of regret.
In my experiences, I sometimes regret not taking some chances, similar to the movies that I've mentioned previously. Taking risks is a part of life, and something that I have a hard time doing. However, by not doing that it can lead to greater regrets. With the movies that I've mentioned previously, there's regret of not being able to follow our hearts.
There's reasons why some people just don't end up with each other, despite the fact that they should be, and do in fact love each other. For example, in the hit television show 'Nashville,' Rayna often goes back to Deacon Claybourne, who had an on and off relationship for over 20 years. The relationship did however leave us on a cliffhanger on the season finale. However, their relationship does show something. For starters, they both clearly loved each other when they were involved with other people. They also both wanted to be with each other. But, Deacon's demons did get in the way because he suffered from alcoholism. Therefore, it made things complicated with Rayna in many aspects because she didn't want to be treated badly. (Which Deacon was doing with his abuse of alcohol) She married Teddy Conrad, mainly because she thought that it would be fit for their unborn child Maddie, which got in the way of the relationship. Life got into the way of them ever finding the true happy ending in their relationship. This left both of them relfective of what had happened, and what could have been versus what they had in front of them.
I've decided that way of life wasn't for me. I wanted to be with someone who truly made me happy. I never want to settle for anyone in my life. I don't want to settle for someone just because I don't think that I can do any better than them. If I'm truly unhappy then it's something I should try to fix. Love is something that has become too much of a science, because we have to find someone in fears of becoming forever alone. However, with that being said, why are we afraid of being alone? What's wrong with wanting love, not a marriage deal?
This goes back to my original way of thought. There is prince charming on a white horse, there are knights and shining armors, and then there's the dragons, trolls, and devils. We often forget that love is sometimes found in the weirdest places, and we often forget that sometimes, people may not realize that Prince Charming is a troll that was deemed to hurt you. This is why we must turn deaf to all of that, and seek to find love based on our perpective-not on others.

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