Saturday, May 31, 2014

He and She Saturday-Foreplay to Dating.

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“So let me get this straight-he kissed you on the cheek?” Daphne asked for yet the hundredth time.
I nodded, not really minding to tell this story again. When I left Andrew, I made a beeline for Daphne’s house where we spent the last two hours replaying what had just happened. We were typical high school girls, and whenever a boy told us we were beautiful we would spend moments analyzing it. Why would he call us beautiful? Did he like us? Did he really like us, or was he just lying?
Being a high school juinior with no self confidence can truly be annoying.
“I told you that he liked you”, she said.
“I know you did.”
“You’re going to have a good time”, she said. “Do you know what you’re going to wear?”
I nodded. “But I have a week to figure it out.”
She smiled excitedly. “I know! We should go shopping because you’re going to want to find a super-awesome outfit.”
I narrowed my gaze at her. “But, my outfits are already super-awesome. “
“So, one more outfit isn’t going to hurt.”
“That just gives you an excuse to shop.”
She laughed. “Well, it does give me that. What do you have against shopping?”
“Nothing, except that you do an awful lot of it.”
“I need things.”
I looked into her crowded closet, full of shoes in multiple colors and styles, jeans in a variety of washes, and a whole rainbow of shirts.
“Not in every color.”
“Yes I do! That way, I have the basics.”
I rolled my eyes. “The basics would be in a few colors that go with everything. Not every color.”
“Don’t hate on me just because I have a more awesome wardrobe than you.” She stuck out her tongue at me.
“My wardrobe is pretty fine thank you very much. And I don’t have one of everything in every color.”
We laughed. That was the thing about Daphne. We could tease each other about just about anything, and then  as soon as you think that we probably had enough of each other for good, we suddenly burst out laughing. It was the way that our friendship always was, is, and will be.
“So, what do you say?” Daphne asked as we finished our explosions of laughter. “Wanna hit the mall?”
I smiled weakly, not sure what was going to be in store for me. “Sure”.

Two hours later, I spent more money than I should have, and had more bags that were digging a read mark in my hands as a result. This was the work of Daphne, who had insisted that I would buy a few options, just because you can’t really predict the weather. What if it was cold? What if there was suddenly a heat wave? Daphne had an excuse for buying just about everything, as long as it was on sale.
I heard a soft muted ping from inside of my bag. Part of me hoped that it was Andrew, but the other part of me told myself that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. The tips of my mouth creased into a smile, because I didn’t know the number. Therefore, it must be Andrew.
Andrew; Hi, it’s Andrew. I wanted to give you my number, just so you can have it. I hope you’re having a great day, and that you’re not creeped out by how early I am to text you.
Me; I am not creeped out. I am happy that you’re texting me.
Andrew; I am too. :D
Me: What’s up?
Andrew: Not much, and you?
Me: Not much, just got back from a shopping trip with my best friend.
Andrew: Ooh, girl’s night out? Did you buy anything interesting?
Me; Not really. I bought something to wear to our date next week.
Andrew; I look foreward to seeing that. I bet that you’ll look amazing. You always do :D
Me: Well, thank you.
Andrew: You don’t seem happy that I think that you’re cute..?
Me: Because I don’t believe you.
Andrew: Well, believe it. I think that you’re extremely cute. I think that you’re amazing, and I know that it’s too soon for me to be saying that.
Me: Nope, not at all.
Andrew: Good, cause I do.
Me: You’re very cliché.
Andrew: I guess that’s a good thing then.
Me: Not for me.
Andrew: Why not?
Me: I am not a huge fan of the whole cliché romantic movie thing.
Andrew: Aren’t all girls a fan of things like that?
Me: That is such a stereotype.
Andrew: Really?
Me: Well, you shouldn’t believe in stereotypes.
Andrew: Why not?
Me: Because they are not always true.
Andrew: I am sorry to assume that.
Me: You know what they say when you assume things.
Andrew: Yes, I do.

I looked at the clock, and wiped my tired eyes. It was almost midnight, and I was sitting in the same position that I was earlier. My bags still had clothes in them, and I’m sure that by now they were probably more wrinkled then the old women in titanic.
Me: We’ve been texting for pretty much all night. I’m tired and I’m gonna go to bed. Mind if I text you tomorrow?
Andrew: Of course, not. I hope you sleep well, my darling.
Me: I am not yours yet.
Andrew: But, you will be.
I closed my phone, and shut it. I couldn’t sleep right now, so I hung my clothes up. I got my pajamas on, and just laid there. I didn’t know what to think, or what this was, but I was falling to some unknown gravity. Was this what falling in love felt like?  Or was this what falling in love with someone who was falling in love with you too felt like.

If it did, then it felt nice.

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