Monday, May 12, 2014

The Single Things Apply.

There's something about being single that screams pity. Pity because pets are the replacements of significant others. Pity because we have no one to go out on fancy date nights with, no one to say 'i love you', and no one to be our plus ones.
But why?
Everyone at some point or another was single. Everyone at some point or another spent the night downing Ben And Jerry's and hating the dating world. If you don't admit it, then you're just one of those people who pity us because their happy. 
But as much as I get annoyed by the overly cliche couples, I can't help but admire them in some way shape or form. I tell my friends that they should take chances and tell their objects of love that they think that they are the bees knees. I honestly lack the confidence to tell anyone how I feel about them. Getting rejected by someone is my world's biggest fear. I wonder what was the trigger of them telling their others how they feel. What made them take that leap of faith, and decide that 'I want to tell someone how I feel, and it may or may not go well.' I don't know if I have the guts to do that, and that makes me wonder if there is someone out there that would make me want to take that leap of faith. I often wonder if there's someone wondering out there wanting to take that leap of faith with me. I even often wonder if I'll find someone to accept me with my flaws. 
I am annoying, and I can be a bitch. I talk too much, and I take a lot of things way too personally. Those are my weaknesses. There's someone out there to love that about me, and hold me when I am sad. I wonder if it's possible for someone to love me with every single flaw about me, and someone to inspire the desire to take the chance and ask me out to dinner. 
I wish that I can go up to a person that makes me happy and ask him out of dinner. I wish that there's some blinding force that can drive me to tell them how I feel. I wish that there's something that I can do to make it happen. 
And then, I'll be a part of the couples that pity the single. I wonder if there's a Facebook group that you can join. 


  1. I've been happily single and happily in a relationship. I've also been unhappily both. I think the grass is always greener!

  2. It's true, we've all been there. Being single is something that almost everyone can relate to (except maybe people that coupled up in high school and then got married early?), but a lot of married/coupled people seem to forget what it's like! There are honestly good and not-so-good things about both, I promise. I'm married and I miss having my own car (and therefore the chance to listen to more of 'my' music) and the greater sense of independence I felt when I was single.

    1. Maybe there's that. I agree with you though-there's pros and cons to both sides. Thanks for stopping by!