Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Confessions of a Shopacholic

Ever have that moment when you go to the mall or a store and think "I only need one thing, and that's it", and then go and end up buying pretty much anything. That happened to me on Saturday. In our state, there are outlet malls which have everything from Coach to Juicy Couture discounted. So, I wanted to get a new smartphone wallet, because my Vera Bradley one was beginning to look dirty. 
My new wristlet, with my Lucy Van Pelt Keychain!
So, I came across this lovely wallet, for 50 dollars, and since they were giving them half off, I decided that it was a good deal and bought that. And a gift for my mother for mother's day. 
(Top Left-Purse (originally $198; I got it for $53), Top Right-evil eye bracelet ($24, but I got it for $10, and bottom (originally $49 but I got it for $20)
Anyways, after that, I decided to go to Juicy Couture because why not? And they were having a sale. As in a going out of business, everything's on sale kind of sale. So, I bought a purse. And a bunch of bracelets, because I've always loved the bracelets that they have. Especially the J one on the bottom of the pic stitch. 
Overall, I spent way more money than I intended to, and I really don't care. #yolo 

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