Thursday, May 15, 2014

Something That Really Doesn't Have a Title

Sometimes, dating and I seem to go together the way that orange juice and toothpaste do. Many people seem to think 'oh he likes you for sure', and then your hopes get up higher then the Empire State Building, only to be broken by rejection. Has this happened to you? I think that it's safe to say that this has happened to every person in the United States of America.
Love is something that I try to look as much as possible before I leap. For years, I've liked the same person only to find out that he wasn't that into me. Back then, everyone told me that they liked me, and that it was all going to be rainbows and unicorns. Unfortunately, it wasn't true and I looked like a complete and total idiot.
Now, I like someone completely different. He's a bit older than me, and I am wondering if that's going to happen again. Many people tell me, from casual observers, to friends of ours that he likes me. But, I still refuse to believe it.
More than anything I refuse to be who I was when I was a junior in high school who was in love with 'Mr. Big.' I don't want to waste more of my life than I don't have to. But, the thought of telling him how much I like him still makes me more freaked out than if I watched Scary Movie. And, I hate scary movies.
However, I don't want to wish this great person out of my life. I want to hear it from him-hey I like you. It's a bit of a romantic cliche...but it's kind of true. I wish life was like a movie, because then life would just be that much easier. But, it's not and I have to accept that.
Maybe the thing that makes life more like movies is that there's someone whose willing to fight for love. Maybe it's someone taking that chance for it too, never to know what could happen. I wish that taking chances were easier for me, and perhaps those who take more chances have the most fun. However, I'm not like that and I guess I won't be changing my Facebook relationship status any time in the near future. I guess the phrase single-pringle applies.
Now, I really want pringles.
Maybe this is the perfect motivation to actually do something other than sit behind this computer, and type. Maybe, it's time for action.
We'll have to see about that.

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