Saturday, May 17, 2014

She and He Saturday-The Moment I Fell In Love.

The following story is completely fictional. Any relation to actual events, people, and things is completely and utterly cocindental. 
The Moment That I Fell In Love;
Sometimes, when you meet the one you just know. It’s like when you find the perfect pair of jeans. It’s like someone said, ‘these are made just for you.’ Similar to the person being made just for you. It’s cheesy, and crazy but it is true. We can’t help but believe the clich√© aspects of life, because they are true.
I was a skeptic, and I was a fool. However, I didn’t realize how beautiful love could be.
This is my story.  My story of how I met the one.
Two and a half years earlier-
            Let me take you back to a time of my life when I wasn’t the most attractive person in high school. I was a band nerd, who knew more about playing the flute than I did actually communicating with people. This was a rough time, but it’s okay because we all get through those rough times as teenagers, and laugh at them when they reappear for Throwback Thursday. However, deep inside we want to cringe when they appear on our newsfeed.
            Anyways, it happened on the first day of band class. It was actually the third day of school, but the band director always gave us a few days to dust off our instruments, and bring them back to school. Or file them in the witness protection program, because they seemed to have disappeared. People going to hell and back to discover where in the closet their flute is.  People trying to explain to their parents that they would rather be in art class than take another year of the saxophone.
            I was connecting my head joint to my body piece when I saw him. He looked like James Dean, only in a nerd’s outfit. He wore a bright fire engine red polo shirt, and khaki shorts. His eyes were a piercing blue, so electrifying that if I got too close I might have to go in the emergency room for electric shock treatment. He wore thick hipster-style glasses, and was wearing brand new black Converse sneakers. He was the typical geek, but something was drawing me to him like a magnet. It was like when you found that perfect pair of shoes on sale, and they were exactly what you were looking for, only better. It was like they were waiting for you to come and get them, kind of like that it was meant to be.
            I was secretly willing him to come closer, so that way we can talk, and I won’t be the creepy girl who likes him from afar. Please sit next to me I willed secretly. If all of the things in the world that I wanted to come true, it would be that he would come to the chair next to me.
            And sure enough he did. Something inside me wanted to perform more cartwheels than the cheerleading team did. Now, I only wished that I had the courage to say hello.
            He played the clarinet. He looked like a doe, innocent. He did seem to have more knowledge about the instrument than the person who invented it. I wondered if he could feel the weight of my eyes, which were studying him more than I did for my PSATS. I was studying the way that his perfect chestnut hair fell into those blue eyes. I was studying the way that he put the instrument with extreme precision. But most of all, I was sending him telepathetic messages for him to talk to me. He was too engrossed into his instrument for him to even know that there was a person sitting right next to him.
            He came up for air a few moments later.
            “Hi,” he said. “My name’s Andrew. What’s yours?”
            “Cat. Which is short for Cathleen.”
            “Nice to meet you, Cat.”

            And that my friends, was the moment that I fell in love.
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