Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Not Perfect.

Why do you look down on me?
Do you think that you're better than me?
Do you think I'm stupid?

Well I'm not.

I've watched my father leave,
I've wondered what I've did wrong to make him ignore me.
I heard his lies.
I heard him try.
But he didn't listen.
Nor does he want to change.
Maybe, I'll walk away,
And then he'll get it.

I've watched my grandfather die,
The man who raised me,
Didn't know who I was.
Dementia took over,
Memories go away!
The dementia will beat them senselessly.
His eyes now lie shut,
They will never open,
His mouth will never smile at me again,
He will never laugh,
Never joke.
I wish he was here.

I'm not perfect,
I have faults,
But then so do you?
So don't tell me how to live my life,
Or else, I will tell you where to go.

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