Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Playlist for Prom.

Okay, I enjoy making playlists. In my past life, I swear I was a DJ. Lately, since my prom is in about a week, (man, that's cray,) I decided to make a playlist full of catchy pop songs, and some songs that I enjoy and wish they would play at MY prom, even though they probably won't, because no one ever listens to me...
  1. All Night Long-Demi Lovato. One of my favorite songs by her! Plus, this song reminds me of the whole you know staying up all night and having fun. 
  2. Eternal Flame-The Bangles. I am a HUGE Bangles fan! This is an amazing song to like slow dance to. 
  3. Love Shack-the b52s. Classic. 
  4. Girl Gone Wild- Madonna. I love this song. In fact, it's one of my favorites. Plus, it's like ultra catchy, perfect for the club, or prom.
  5. Hung Up-Madonna. Okay, I just am a Madonna fan. 
  6. Moment 4 Life-Nicki Minaj
  7. Rapture-Alicia Keys. This cover of Blondie's song is purely amazing. Plus, this song is about friends, and don't you hang out with friends during prom? Yeah, thought so.
  8. Single-Natasha Bedingfield. To all of the girls going stag.
  9. We Are Young-Fun.
  10. Walk This Way-Run DMC. I really wish they would play this. It's a classic.
  11. Sexy to Me- JoJo. Perfect club hit. Love this song, and the artist. Excited for Jumping Trains!
Okay, so here you go. Suggest these songs to the DJ, or just jam to them. It's up to you.

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