Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Yeah, we've all had it. However, the struggles that one faces depends on the person. Some people struggle for acceptance. Others struggle with finding a voice. Others struggle with the whole getting over someone or someones who have hurt you. Everyone has a struggle, and no one can fully understand what things are like for them unless they fully are like them.
In my modern lit class, we did a minority unit. We looked at all different kinds of people-people who have mental disablities, poverty, gays, and overwieghts, to name a few. That class, although I'm never on time to it, is actually one of my favorites, because I always leave with some greater insight then I did when I walked in a few minutes later than I should. (YOLO...oh great I'm saying that.)
I have been through too many struggles in my life. Absence of a father, death of a loved one, acceptance of my body. I may handle them differently then what you guys think that I should or what you think is right. I know what's best for me. It's usually talking to someone, particularly the person who thinks I should wear an umbrella on my back, or my little sissy. I may want to sometimes write about my probelms instead of speaking to you about them. And if I don't know you, like you, or trust you, I certainly don't want to talk about my personal shit with you.
There are some things I will never understand, although it's common with my friends. I'm different from them, well some of them. But, most of them can't relate because they haven't seen the things that I've seen or had to do the things I did. Yeah, my choices aren't the best, but I often did what NATALIE thought was best for her at the time. If you were in my shoes, you would have either felt the same way, or done the same thing. I don't want to be judged for my actions, because you don't know the meaning behind them. (Fundamental Attribution Error, look at me using pyschology terms) Look at Jess from Gilmore Girls. He went through a lot, and still people judge him without getting to know him.
Everyone has a struggle. You never know what someone goes home to. So next time you judge someone, ask yourself what they go through, and what they have to do to be the person they are. Looking at people through different glasses, is sometimes necesary to not only understand others, but to understand yourself.

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