Sunday, May 13, 2012


They are the people that have given birth to us. They are the people who raise us. They are the people that nurse us to health, when we are sick. When we are teenagers, we fight with them for freedom. And when we get old, we somehow become friends with them. Mothers are the friends that we are given that will speak their mind because they know that they are wanted, and we know that they are not afraid to give you the truth.
I'd like to dedicate this blog entry to my mother. Okay, yes, sometimes we don't get along. Okay, sometimes we never get along, and our house can be world war three. But my mom has been there for me for eighteen years. Eighteen years of school. Eighteen years of taking care of me when I was sick. Fifeteen years of being a single parent. Fifty years of being a dedicated daughter. My mom has been through divorce, watching her father die, being drove nuts by her lonely mother, who won't leave her alone, and she's been through so much. Yet, she does what she has to do. She never has a spare moment to herself, and sometimes, that can take it's tool on a person. 
So, the point of the story is that we have mothers. We fight with our mothers. We say things that we will later regret to them. But when the world is against us, they will be the one that defend us.
Happy Mother's Day!

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