Friday, May 25, 2012


What did you expect? 
What do you want me to say? 
You don't know how much you've hurt me. 
You don't care, do you? 
You just want to make it into a show, 
It's all about you, 
I guess it's wrong that I can't have anything for myself.
It's about how you lie, 
It's about why you didn't try. 
It's not about what you say, 
It's about what you do,
Or didn't do. 
I wish that you actually cared about me. 
I guess that's never going to happen. 
I guess that you're going to be his parent over mine. 
I guess that you'll be the one in misery.
You'll hear my side, 
But you won't listen. 
Why is that? 
Why don't you go fuck yourself? 
I hope you don't go into a church, because I think you'll be blowing up in flames. 
I hate you. 
I hate you. 
No I don't. 
I love you. 
But I hate what you've done. 
And how you handled me. 
I guess now that I'm grown up, 
I'll be gone, 
The prodigal daughter you've never known. 
I hate it that it's all or nothing with you. 
Don't you understand? 
Don't you know what you've done?
A two page email, 
What the hell? 
I guess that in time I'll be okay. 
Father, my ass. 

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