Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Old Friends.

How are you doing?
Your hair looks nice like that, you've lost those last few pounds.
You no longer wear the bracelets I used to make for you.
Remember when we used to walk around aimlessly?
Remember when we used to talk about nothing for hours on end?
Now you're a stranger to me.
I don't see the person I once knew.
Instead, I see a stranger.
She looks a lot like you, doesn't she?
But you open your mouth.
You don't sound like the person that you once were.
You act like a stranger.
Now I know why I'm not your friend.
We've gone down different paths.
I don't exactly hate you,
But I don't exactly care anymore.
We've all got to move on sometime, right?
We're just old friends.
We'll have our memories,
But our paths different.

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