Monday, May 14, 2012


L is for lust. 
O is for obsession
V is for vanity
E is for extra annoying.

Is a relationship something that revolves around the concept of constantly being around one another?
Does every Friday have to be spent with them?
Why do you need each other?
What about your friends?
What about your job?
What about your dreams?
Do you really have to check his phone?
Whatever happened to trust?

L is for lovely memories
O is for the one and only
V is for very extradonary
E is for enjoying the time together

Maybe it's worth taking a chance with you, maybe it's not,
If it turns into too much, I'll walk.
I don't need you, I crave company,
No one in this earth should get to be lonely.
Life is too short,
But let's not spend whatever moment we can with each other?
We both have our own lives, okay?
So then,
The time we spent together,
Would be awesome.
So, don't worry about me.
I'll call you, if I need you.
I need my time, and you'll need yours.
Let's just enjoy each other?
Life is too short to argue.

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