Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Better Than That.

In life you will meet people that will bring you down. There will be people that have done bad to you, such as lie to you, cheat on you, and treat you like you're not human. There will be people who will stop at nothing to bring you down. Once you have been bought down, then your misery will become at someone's joke expense.
You have two options with people like that.
One of them is to handle it, and wallow. You let them win, because you think that they can, so that they will, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Or, you can do it the classy way. Which is showing them that they don't hurt you, taking the high road, and wishing them love instead of hate. You don't back down to no bitch, take everything like a G, and call it like it is. This is good, because you drop jaws. They will eat their words, and then wonder why they ever hurt you in the first place.
I'm better than that first one. My mama taught me better than that. I don't need someone's sympathy. I'm a strong, and independent woman. I don't need anyone to tell me otherwise. After all that I went through this year, I realized that I can handle anything. I'm better than the petty shit that goes on in high school. I'm better than being your whore. I'm better than being someone's friend. I'm better than stooping down to your level. I'm better than all that you can throw at me, combined.
So come at me, world. I'm ready.

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