Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Great Expectations

Sometimes, we expect things to be really great. And then, their not. Other times, we expect things to be really awful. But then they turn out surprising us, and turn out being really awesome. So, what gives?
I think the thing about expectations is that we think that we know what's about to happen in our lives, whether it's the most exciting thing in our lives or it's something that we're just going to dread. So, we go into whatever social situation thinking that this is going to be really great or really suck. Therefore, when we think that something is really great then we get disappointed. If something is going to suck and it doesn't, we then realize that things have come a lot better than they seem. It's a strange predicament that this is, something based on a thought that we had before the event even happened.
How many of you had that relationship where you expected something to happen (by getting more serious; where the other wanted to stay more casual) and it just didn't happen the way that you planned. I know that has happened to me, and it sucked. Expectations have their own way of kicking us where the sun don't shine, and it sucks.
So, my advice? Don't expect anything. It's hard yes. We program ourselves to expect something to happen. But, let me ask you this-do you really like feeling upset when something doesn't go the way that you planned it? I know I don't. So, try to live in the moment. That way, you'll learn to enjoy every moment for it's complete and total greatness, and take everything for what it comes.


  1. Ah, I know this all too well. Hits very close to home, since it happened to me a couple days ago!

    1. i'm sorry to hear that it happened to you. D: thanks for stopping by and the follow! :)