Saturday, July 5, 2014

How To "Woo" Me

Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary people, we have contemplated many times about whether or not chivalry may or may not be dead. It's a well disputed fact that many are wondering if the age of wooing is far behind us. However, I think that it shouldn't be. Therefore, I on occasion wish that it in fact wish that I lived my life in a romantic comedy. Even though it's not actually reality, a girl can dream right? So gentleman who want to find their way into my heart (you know, there is a long line for that) here's how to get there.
Bring me pita chips and guac. Guacamole has quickly warmed its way into my heart, thanks to my friend's mother who has introduced me to it. Now, I can't live with out it, and often put it on things such as pita chips, and even in quesadilas, which is one of my favorite foods.Therefore, I can't resist this being one of my things where if you took the time to go to get me some, I'd give you some serious street cred.
Lockets, Keys, and Anything shiny with a heart. Diamonds are a gal's best friend right? Marilyn said it best. I think any sort of jewelry is a good way to prove your love for someone. Materialistic, kinda sorta maybe. But hear me out before ya judge. I think that jewelry is a thoughtful gift, because I believe that jewelry is something that does come from straight from the heart. Therefore, by giving it to someone, you're giving them a piece that you can wear pretty much every day. (At least in my case). Plus, you have to think about what you're getting before you go into the store. Therefore, you have to put some thought of it. Also, I would like to add that I think that keys are a bit more romantic than hearts for two reasons. One, they are not as cliche as hearts. (I mean hearts are okay, but everyone talks about getting something heart-shaped) Two, you hold the key to my heart? Now isn't that romantic?
Bake me cookies. Cookies are also accepted. Mainly cause cookies are the sweetest thing ever. Show up at my door with a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and I'm yours.
Let's Go to the Beach, Beach... The beach is perhaps one of my favorite places to go. If you take me there it's a win-win situation. You get to see me in a swimsuit (which I'm sure will make you happy), and I believe that the beach is one of the best places ever. 
....or Let's Go On A Walk.. Going on a romantic walk...? Well before you say cliche hear me out. Some of the best conversations I've had have actually been on walks. I'm big on the talking, so if you like me and want to do something with me, two thumbs up for that.
Mixed CDs Aren't Just For The 90s. If you make a mixed CD it's perhaps deemed as being one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. Why? Well, let's look at the facts. Making a CD takes time and effort to do, yes? Therefore, they must have you on the brain while doing it. Also, you have to really know the person in order to make them the CD. All and all? A great idea for a guy looking to make a sweet move.
Romance may be dead, but I do know one thing. Everything's looking for a comeback, and so can romance. Come on fellas, let's make romance a thing again.
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  1. A mixed cd would be such a sweet gesture! And if the beach were closer to me, that would be by far my #1!

    1. Right? I want this to happen lol. and I gotcha. The beach is the best place ever.