Thursday, July 3, 2014

What Am I Binge-Watching?

Ahhh, summer vacation. Where you don't have any school work, so suddenly you're able to find time to do all of the things that you've been always trying to make time for during the school year. For some, that means catching up on your reading, hanging out with friends more, and of course just hitting up the good ol' beach every once in a while. But for me? I'm using it to catch up on my television shows.
As I mentioned in this post, I have a Netflix account and I couldn't stop watching New Girl. Since I finished watching that show, I needed to find a replacement. And Netflix, I really would like to watch the third season so get on that. Anyways, I found three.
The first show that I've been watching around the clock is PLL, also known as 'Pretty Little Liars'. I'm only on season two, so y'all keep quiet with your spoilers. I am so addicted to the show, but every now and then I stop watching so I can give the others a chance to shine. But, I would like to point out that Toby is a hottie, and I think that he and Spencer are completely perfect.

The second and third shows are a combonation because the third show is actually a spinoff. And that is none other than the bar where everybody knows your name, which is also known as 'Cheers.' I am also addicted to its spinoff 'Frasier,' although I have seen pretty much most of that show's episodes. I love watching both of those shows, so I've decided to watch it, from the very first show of 'Cheers' to the very last episode of 'Fraiser.' Yes, that's twenty years of television, but I'm prepared to take the challenge. But both of these shows are so funny if you all are looking for something to watch on Netflix.
What are your favorite show to binge-watch? Comment below!

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