Thursday, July 10, 2014

20/Give Your Blog A Break

Hey everyone! Before I begin this entry, in honor of my birthday Saturday I'm taking a few days off from blogging. That means, I won't be blogging. However, I didn't want you to be disappointed. I have arranged for some lovely guest posters, like Emma and Samantha for you all to enjoy on this lovely blog.
Anyways, something that I like to do around my birthday is to include a bunch of facts in the number of the age that I'm turning. Since I'm turning 20, I will include 20 facts. (I've done it twice! 19 & 18)
So here's my 20 facts about me.

  1. Lana Del Rey is my favorite singer. I also am a huge Demi Lovato, Aerosmith, and Ozzy Osbourne fan. My music palette is so insane but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
  2. My favorite kind of cake is vanilla or red velvet. However, I do use 
  3. My goal is to become a print journalist. (Imagine, you all reading this can say that you knew me back in my blogging days)
  4. I will always have a thing for Mr. Big, and I desperately want to meet someone whose like that. However I could kinda pass on all of the love drama.
  5. I am a Cancer. That means that I am super sensitive, which is no surprise to anyone. 
  6. Snoopy is my favorite cartoon. 
  7. My favorite animals are a three way tie- starfish, dogs and owls. 
  8. I have a dog as a pet. She's my best friend. 
  9. If I wasn't going to be a journalist, then I would go into my own business selling jewelry. 
  10. I basically have everything Apple. I have two iPods, an iPhone, an iPad, and a Macbook Pro.
  11. I have read every issue of 17 magazine since June 2007. 
  12. I currently am binge watching 'Cheers', and 'Pretty Little Liars' on Netflix.
  13. My favorite shows are 'Fraiser', 'New Girl', 'Gilmore Girls', and 'Sex and the City'.
  14. I am hoping to get a Master's degree. 
  15. My favorite bracelet is a Pandora. However, since mine sadly broke recently, I have been getting into the Alex and Ani craze.
  16. I am currently single. I however, don't think that it's a bad thing. I do however would like to note that I am down for that changing, because whose not down for a little fun?
  17. I have an obsession with claddaugh rings.
  18. When I'm sad, I write poems. Actually, I just write a lot of things in general. 
  19. I am obsessed with Instagram! 
  20. My favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  21. (for good luck) My best friend is my dog. 


  1. Happy birthday a little in advance and enjoy some disconnected time :)

    1. thank you :) I will! It's nice to just disconnect from the blogger world for a while!