Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Like Tattoos on This Town"

Ahhh, #throwbackThursday. The time when all of your old and embarassing selfies come back to haunt you. This is when we see who was the brace-face, who was the awkward one, and of course those awful scene days when you'd listen to nothing to but scene music. Sound familiar? Well, we're going wayyy back here on Finding My Voice.
While at work, I often take to casually clicking around at various social networking sites. So, one day I decided to look back to my high school days. #classof2012. So, here's some of my fondest high school memories, from 2008-2012.
 Top: Me with art; Bottom: art without me
At my high school, we had this awesome thing where at the end of the year, we would have a sidewalk chalk festival. I only got to do it my senior year, and I drew Snoopy with my friend Iris. It was such a fun filled day, and I got hella tan.

Me left; Griffin right
My prom was perhaps one of the highlights of my high school experience. I went with Griffin whose one of my closest friends. (He asked me to go to the prom because I didn't have anyone to go with #bestpersoneveraward.) I wore a purple dress, and I didn't let him see it literally til the day of. In the midst of all of prom, a lot of my friends were fighting, and lots of cat-fighting going on. However, it was still a great day. (And for the record, I stayed New Jersey out of it)

Sarah left; Me in the Middle; Liz on the Right
I got to go to New York three times! Each time, I went to see a Broadway show. The first time (which is when this picture was being taken) was in my freshman year. We saw West Side Story. The second time was in my junior year. We saw How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. AND Daniel Radicliffe was in it. How awesome was that? The last year (which was my senior year) we saw Newsies. It was such a great experience, and I miss going to all of those shows. 

Angelyn left; Me right. 
I used to make lots of obnoxious faces. Anyways, I went to two high school dances other than prom. (Homecoming 2008, and 2011) I honestly don't remember why I didn't go my juinor year, but my sophomore year it was because I had just gone through a breakup. Both times I went were super-fun and I had a blast dancing with my friends.

Vere left; Me center; Theresa right
I went to Panera a lot. My high school was actually right next to one, so I would often be found there eating soup. Those are some of my high school friends, engaging in a Panera selfie! I miss them.

Gabriel right; Griffin left
While in high school, I met these two classy individuals. I met Griffin in junior year band class. He sat next to me, we played the same instrument, and now to this day, I still drive him crazy. I met Gabriel in expository writing class my senior year. We didn't get very close to the end, and the next semester, when we actually had sociology together.

Me on the left; my coach on the right! 
In my upperclassman days in high school, I played on the badminton team. Now, I wasn't very good at it, but still I had an amazing time. During my senior year when my grandfather died, they were my support. (I played a game the day after he died too, just saying that's pretty awesome.) Playing for two years really helped introduce me to people that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to meet. Plus, I was the one always taking pictures.

Me on left; Sarah on right.
I used to Picnik a lot. Who remembers seeing these on Facebook? Well I was obsessed  with them. Sarah was my friend from choir, and I still talk to her today!
Those are some of my memories from high school! Did I get you thinking way back when? If so, tell me about some of your fondest memories in the comments below! 

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