Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why I Deleted My Tinder.

Tinder. Ahh, yes the social dating site that helps people meet each other based on Facebook. Well, I used to have one of those, and even wrote a blog about it.
But truth be told, I rather hate it. I hated that some of the guys in there were totally sleaze balls, and were only after one thing. I hated having to put myself out there, and actually message the guys first. I really hated the story that I read on Cosmo recently about a guy who actually created the site harassing a woman and wouldn't take no for an answer.  I hated that it's just sketchy.
So. I did the unthinkable. I deleted my Tinder app. Yes, I'm aware that probably will hurt my chances of meeting the right guy. But, truth be told I didn't want to meet someone in that way shape or form. It seemed way to creepy for me, and I really felt uncomfortable. And who wanted to do something that gave them so much anxiety? I clearly didn't want to be a part of some guys' own personal 'Blurred Lines'.
I didn't know who I was talking to, and whether or not they were the real deal. Deleting it was more for my mental state of mind, than anyone else's. Ever since deleting it, I still talk to one guy that I met a few times a week. (I got his number before deleting the app) I am aware that there's mysgonistic jerks roaming the planet, but for now I know that I actually know that they are away from me virtually.
So I deleted my Tinder. And, all I learned is that there are tons of sketchy dudes out there looking for a good time. And that there's a select few that aren't. However, I am not the girl for casual hookups, and even though Tinder doesn't actually promote having sex, that's the vibe that I got out of it.
Do you have a Tinder? What do you think of Tinder? Comment below! 

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